What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga  is an adult fitness class that focuses on total body conditioning, incorporating Yoga, Pilates and strengthening exercises to help promote muscle tone and flexibility.

Each Aerial Yoga class will take you through a series of sequences that are all performed in silks that are formed into a wide aerial sling hung like a hammock. The hammock is used to support your body weight, whilst performing a variety of yoga poses, Pilates exercises, aerial crunches and strengthening exercises, enabling deep stretches in a more relaxed way without any pressure on joints. Which makes Aerial yoga  a suitable adult fitness class for everyone. At 1st Position fitness’s Aerial Yoga class you will even learn how to do a number of flips and tricks within the silks, taking your work out to a new creative level making you feel like an Aerial Dancer. 

We have created and Aerial Yoga syllabus that is specifically for 1st Position Fitness. Ensuring you will find this adult group fitness class in Moseley, fun, unique and like nothing else you will find in Birmingham.

1st Position Fitness would like to invite you so literally come Hang out with us!

We have four Aerial Yoga Programs, Monday is our Stretch and Inversions helping your body to open up, release and gain in flexibility and learn classic Aerial Yoga Poses. Tuesday Aerial Yoga beginners + is a step up from beginners focusing a little more in depth to poses and exercises which are introduced in the beginners classes and has a longer relaxation section at the end of the class. Wednesday and Thursday beginners is for those new to Aerial Yoga to come and experience a little of everything and get used to using the sling for exercise. Tuesday and Thursday is our Strengthening program which will help you to build muscle and gain in your total body strength. Background music is used to help create atmosphere in the class and music used for sequencing may also occur in these classes.